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5G Smartphones Will Be Presented In 2019, What Do We Need To Know Of It?
- Dec 04, 2018 -

5G smartphones will be presented in 2019, what do we need to know of it

Some users may focus on 5G smartphones in 2019, the super-fast speed technology must be a main point to attract users.

At December 2, 2018, Samsung and Verizon(VZ) have announced that they will cooperate to produce 5G smartphones and sell in the first half of 2019. Galaxy S is going to be offered in the spring of next year, it probably could be the first 5G smartphone of Samsung.


If Samsung produce the first 5G smartphone, other smartphone companies would follow the same step as soon as possible. Users have lots of smartphone brand to prefer, not only Samsung but also other companies such as Apple and Huawei, they all do preparation to earn more profit in 2019.


According to lab test, 5G is 100 times faster than 4G, it means that when millions of people use network, the speed just slow down a bit.


5G technology would bring some convenient for users, for instance:

·5G ultra-low latency technology can help you decrease communication time to zero.

·5G ultra-low latency technology allow self-driving cars to process all information very soon, and it also can help power the next generation of telemedicine and robotic surgeries.


We do hope 5G smartphone will bring something new to our life, it’s an unexpected and exciting technology for many users.


Would you focus on 5G smartphone in the future? What would you do to face the new technology?


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