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Apple Is Going To Use New Touch-integrated OLED Displays In 2019

Dec 14, 2018

Apple is going to use new touch-integrated OLED displays in 2019

Apple reported that it will provide new iPhones with touch-integrated OLED screens in 2019, it is a kind of display thinner and lighter than before previous versions.


The OLED use a separate touch-sensitive layer sitting on top of the display, it is a new innovation of smartphone screen that may bring some new ideas for smartphone market.


Samsung Display responsible for provide touch-integrated OLED screens to Apple, which called “Y-OCTA”. It means that Apple do not make the new OLED by itself, we may consider that why Apple give Samsung Display to manufacture touch-integrated OLED screens, but Apple have cooperated with many companies to produce iPhone’s gadgets for a long time, we still have no idea of Apple’s decision.


The touch-integrated OLED screen will be used in highest-end model of iPhone next year.


Even though Samsung Display supply the new OLED for iPhone, there are some uncertain problem of the new technology, Apple products have such a lot issues this year, do ios users have expectation for iPhone?


What Apple’s new OLED will appear and what we would think of new iPhones in 2019?