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Huawei May Produce A 3D Camera Smartphone Soon
- Dec 06, 2018 -

Huawei may produce a 3D camera smartphone soon

3D technology will be very important in the future, we get touch with the new technology. For instance, when we are going to watch a movie, we will find that such a lot of movie use 3D technology.


Huawei has a plan to make a 3D camera smartphone, it is a new feature which is not easy to produce in a short time.  


The new camera help developers control apps and games in new ways, such as hand gesture. Besides, the new camera can be used to build 3D models.


There are many smartphone users in the world, and 3D technology obviously would be a main trend in following years.


Huawei is a big smartphone company of China, its product sales are good in Europe and some other countries, the company wonder to use the new smartphone to earn more profits.


The price must be expensive if Huawei unveil the 3D camera smartphone in 2019, maybe it will more expensive than new iPhone. For users, an expensive smartphone is not the only choice, not all users do prefer a 3D camera smartphone in the work.


Are you interested in 3D camera smartphone? Would you recycle your broken device for that new one?  

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