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What Will You Do If Your IPhone LCD Broken?

Jan 08, 2019

What will you do if your iPhone LCD broken

We do face some problem from our smartphone, you have to consider what to do to treat them. If you are ios users, you really know that iPhone display’s quality is not good as before. The old iPhone device such as iPhone 4s screen is not easy to damage without any protection.


When Apple choose to use lcd as new screen material that iPhone users must face the problem from it. You must take care of your lcd screen because it can be broken easily when you drop iPhone on cement floor or crash into some tough objects.


We provide some ways to help you deal with broken iPhone lcd problem.


Buy a new device  

If you have enough fund, you can consider to buy a new iPhone.


Trade in with Apple GiveBack

Here is the trade in price from iPhone 6 to iPhone XS, it is safe if you want to trade your old iPhone devices for new ones.

Apple GiveBack 


Repair broken lcd screen 

It must be expensive if you really want to repair your iPhone lcd screen, the repair cost around $79 to $200, if your iPhone are the new devices in 2018, the repair cost must more expensive than before.


Cellphone Buyback

You can take your broken iPhone to cellphone repair shops to get cash back, and you just need to add some for a new iPhone if your iPhone get slightly damage.


Would you choose to do iPhone buyback or pay repair fees?